Young Persons Charged with a Criminal Offence

My Experience In Defending Young Persons

The defense of young persons often presents counsel with a dilemma. We all want the young persons to learn from their mistakes and change their behavior. In order to make that happen it is sometimes necessary for them to spend some time at a structured facility but as the young person’s lawyer, you work to avoid such an outcome. These are contradictions that we must often sort out and it sometimes puts us in conflict with the young person’s parents who are in favor of more restrictions. Experienced counsel can solve these dilemmas in ways that generally satisfy all concerned parties. My practice has always included a large youth court component. I enjoy working with young people both in court where they represent about 25% of my practice and in my private life where I coach basketball.

R. v. A.S. - Utter Threats (2015)

Youth court matter


Said to have gone to another girl's house, knocked on the door, and uttered a bunch of threats because of something that had happened at school.


convince the Crown that this was no more than high school drama gone bad.

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