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R. v. D.S. – Ontario Court of Justice, Brampton Ct., 2009
Factual Background: Client was over 50 years old and had never been in trouble but was now charged with both an Assault on a stranger in a parking lot and a Domestic Assault on his wife which had taken place in front of the children.

The Strategy: I instructed the client to immediately enroll in counseling so that we could get a handle on the stresses in his life that led to two assaults within a time span of 10 days when there had been no previous problems with the law. I then sought a Crown Attorney who would at least listen to my client’s version of the parking lot incident. I then began the process of identifying the best judge to plead guilty in front of to ensure the best result possible. The client was admitting the assault on his wife and while the charge was outstanding against him he was legally prohibited from having contact with her. As a result, it was urgent that the matter be resolved quickly so that the family could be re-united – a guilty plea in front of the right judge was required.

Decision/Outcome: The client signed a peace bond agreeing to have no contact with the complaining party in the parking lot incident. He then plead guilty on the domestic assault and we provided the judge with proof of extensive counseling over a 2 month period. The client received an Absolute Discharge and his clean record remains intact. The Crown wanted a short sharp period in jail.